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Abraham Wien, LEED AP O+M, has over thirty-five years of experience and success in construction, real estate development, architecture, and environmental design.  Mr. Wien’s professional experience includes being a key project team builder and experienced problem solver for commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments, Mr. Wien has gained extensive experience in all types of sustainable and energy efficiency projects. He has been responsible for taking projects from land acquisition, conceptual planning through design development, property entitlements, financing, construction, economic stabilization, and project disposition. He works closely with all type of professionals to achieve the best possible results on any given project.  Mr. Wien is an accomplished entrepreneur that holds many patents in a variety of fields including engineering and building systems, energy, and water saving devices, sustainable waste disposal systems, the packaging industry, and medical devices. Mr. Wien holds professional degrees in Architecture and in Environmental Design, He is a LEED AP with a specialty in Operations and Maintenance (O+M). He is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Paul L. Jones, CPA, LEED Green Associate, brings forty years of real estate experience and twenty-five years working in the secondary commercial mortgage market and in structured finance. Mr. Jones has a unique perspective, depth of knowledge and understanding of the real property markets.  His professional background includes seasoning in investment banking, management consulting, financial management and public accounting.  Recognizing the value of Green technology in the development and operation of commercial real properties, he combines his financial experience and his knowledge of sustainable practices.  Mr. Jones is a CPA, a LEED Green Associate and a Fellow with the Hoyt Institute, a real estate think tank, and has been a Counselor of Real Estate (CRE) and a Fellow with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS).

Leonard Wien, a successful entrepreneur and investor in technology and sustainable firms, is leading EnSynchrony’s green hydrogen initiative – EnHydrogen. He has a long track record of being able to identify market opportunities and bring together the right talent to capitalize on them. He continues to hold senior level positions in companies that produce high powered laser systems and has been a long-time investor in Hover Energy, a company producing state-of-the-art mag-lev wind powered generators for commercial buildings. His entrepreneurial abilities have been honed by over 40 years in the real estate industry, managing more than 6,000 apartments and building 1 million square feet of industrial and office buildings as well as over 15 years’ experience in the computer, software and computer networking fields. His diverse understanding of technology research & development as well as the practical applications of that technology enables Mr. Wien to lead EnHydrogen whose mission is to contribute to the global energy transition by bringing green hydrogen energy resources to the world.

Tom Rose is a solutions-oriented executive, communicator, innovator, and engineer with far-reaching business, project management, and regulatory expertise to benefit organizations and drive growth with emerging energy technologies and go-to-market strategies to enhance revenue growth and shareholder value. Mr. Rose possesses front-line engineering, project management, business development, risk management, and commercialization skills benefitting organizations and individuals across energy industries. He has more than 44 years of experience working with energy companies in project management, development, integrated resource planning, risk management, M&A transactions, governmental policy, and regulatory affairs, in addition to power plant development, construction, startup and operations.

Marc Goldsmith, P.E., has been on the leading edge of utility technology for over four decades.  He was President of Energy Research Group, Inc., a nuclear technology consulting firm, and a Director in Arthur D. Little’s Technology and Innovation management Advanced Energy Practice.  He has developed a number of smart grid programs and behind the meter generation plants.  He served as a consultant to EPRI’s electric vehicle (EV) transportation program in addition to a number of new technology programs.  Mr. Goldsmith serves as senior advisor on management and strategy to a number of utility and engineering companies.  He provides guidance and advice as a strategist for addressing deregulated energy markets and the subsequent regulatory processes.  He has been intimately involved in creating innovative technology strategy and implementation, particularly in the areas of distributed energy generation, electric utility equipment and software.  He is a Past-President of ASME.

Julie Lundin, NCIDQ, CHID, LEED AP ID+C, WELL AP, uses her analytical, regulatory experience and compliance documentation skills obtained in the complex LEED and WELL certification processes to maximize her innate ability to provide fact-checking analysis and regulatory research for compliance issues required by regulatory agencies.  Ms. Lundin’s early career as a corporate underwriter in mortgage banking and her current involvement in commercial projects specializing in healthcare, sustainability and energy efficient buildings makes her uniquely qualified to provide guidance and interpretation in the evaluation of adequate submissions for regulatory compliance. Her working knowledge of the various certification processes, documentation support, codes and compliance, technical analysis, operations, and sustainable standards ensures that the projects meet their intended goals. As a certified LEED AP, WELL AP and CHID professional, Ms. Lundin is highly qualified to provide detailed support for comprehensive studies required by regulatory agencies.

Dan Boresch, P.E., has been a leader for the 5th largest electrical contractor in the U.S. for the last 10 years. His career spans nearly every corner of the electrical construction industry; having specialized in biotech manufacturing facilities, backup power systems, distribution/transmission, and substation planning and design. Mr. Boresch possess the skills necessary to take projects from concept to commissioning. He has a keen interest in the development of complex energy storage and microgrid projects that blend power and industrial infrastructure. Mr Boresch’s working knowledge of the various utility interconnection processes, codes, standards, and good engineering practice ensures that projects meet their intended milestones and exceed stakeholder expectations. As an accomplished Engineer with a relentless passion for precision and excellence, his outside-the-box approach to solving new challenges ensure projects keep up with the evolving energy market. Mr. Boresch holds a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Physics and is a practicing licensed Professional Engineer.

Dr. Ghadimkhani is an experienced chemical and environmental engineer that has worked for Nucor Steel Company in Jewett, Texas for the last two years.  Previously, she worked four years for Clean Energy Technology Association, Inc. in Fairfield, Texas as an analytical chemist on research and development of new coal distillation and carbon capture technologies. She has a keen interest in research and development of new sustainable technologies. Dr. Ghadimkhani holds a Doctorate degree in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she developed a new technology that uses solar energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into methanol using copper oxide semiconductor which was published in prestigious scientific journals. She also Holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from University of Tehran, Iran.

A Holistic Approach To The Global Clean Energy Transition

We Are Committed To Help Transition From Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy To Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources.

The EnSynchrony™ team is ready to deliver a reliable, affordable and redily- dispatchable energy storage solution supporting long-term grid reliability and resiliency. Our management team includes engineers, architects, sustainable energy experts, financial professionals and others with the skills and expertise to developed and operate the EnSync™ Multi-modal Storage System.